Power of The Soul

When we hear the terms “soul” and “spirit,” what comes to our mind? Because of a busy schedule, we are not thinking about these spiritual things.

Many believe that “soul” indicate something invisible and immortal that lives inside us. They say that at death this hidden part of our human leaves the body and lives on.

Listening to myself, to God, to others, and to nature enables the self to harmonize your personality and prevent conflict.

Shree Radhe Maa said to devotees that,

The illness of anger comes from the root of expectation that the disease of possessiveness comes from the root of insecurity, that the condition of aggression, or forcefulness, originates from the source of anxiety, and that the illness of stress stems from the roots of care, doubt, and greed.”

Through the power of meditation, we can be removed these disturbances in the soul.

The soul is invisible and lives inside of the body. Our bodies are just a ‘motel’ the man is temporarily living within. One day at death our soul will ‘check out’ permanently.

Through the development of the latent power of the soul, more and more works of wonders are happening. Among them, there are some which are very supernatural and miraculous.

Remember that, that soul is your teacher. It means they have more energy than you. Be grateful that they are teaching you something and generate more power in yourself through meditation.

Still, it is not too late. The world can be saved through the power of the soul.

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