Spiritual Independence

Usually, independence also refers to the liberation and freedom of our soul. Spiritually independent means, liberating ourselves from negative emotions. Independence suggests a freedom from external dependence or support.  Spiritual independence means freedom from depending on any outside source for our pleasure, which is possible when we experience the profound and unchanging silence within.

How to achieve Spiritual Independence?

We experience daily ups and downs situations. When things go own way, we feel happy and cheerful. But, when they don’t go, we are frustrated and disappointed.  That tells us that we have incidentally allowed a desire or goal to determine our ability to be happy.

If you’re the one who has overcome your ego, then you live in the illumination of Spiritual Independence and Freedom – celebrate and rejoice! You know a rare sense of liberty!

Yoga guides us that we all experience this spiritual independence when we can satisfy our minds and its progress:  all the planning, reasoning and problem-solving that usually occupy it.  Beneath the surface waves of the mind lies an ocean of peace, a deep sense of contentment and connection with all of life.  Imagine going about your day with that feeling in the backdrop of your mind.

Most people think that we have a body and a mind. Few recognize that we have another part that is our true essence, our soul. The mind can travel into spiritual fields and merge back in its origin, the Oversoul, the Creator. They have all achieved this realization by converting their attention, whether it is called prayer, or meditation. They tell us our actual independence comes when we sit in silence, close our eyes, direct our attention within, and experience the Divine. ,

“Through meditation, we can speed up the process of removing the layers covering the soul and experiencing spiritual independence. That means putting in time for yoga so that we can join our soul with God.”

–    Shri Radhe Guru Maa

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