Radhe Maa’s Special Interview

“My life like an open book”

During the 20-minute interview, telecasted on Aaj Tak TV, Radhe Maa, who is based in Mumbai, represented various shades of her personality. Radhe Maa stated in an interview in which she tried to defend herself and her distinct character.

Radhe Maa does not consider herself an incarnation of Goddess

Does Shree Radhe Maa think herself to be a goddess Durga’s avatar? Radhe Maa said, “I am not Durga’s incarnation. I am a special person because I am my father’s dear daughter and my mother-in-law’s dear Gudia maa”.

During the interview when she was asked about her thoughts on other controversial spiritual leaders such as Ram Rahim Singh, who is in jail for committing rape, Radhe Maa said that she refrained from speaking about anyone else. But, she did speak about the Akhil Bharatiya Akhara Parishad, the apex body of Hindu sadhus, sadhus, who placed her on their list of “14 fake babas “. “Only God can judge me“, She exclaimed. On that, the Akhara Parishad will regret calling her a ‘fake baba’.

As well as, as the conversation moved towards “Radhe Maa’s Viral Videos”, she got sad and depressed. “What crime did I commit to face such allegations?” she exclaimed with tears in her eyes and the interview concluded.

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