Shri Radhe Maa believes in “Jal Seva Hi Sabse Badi Seva Hai”

Mamtamai Shri Radhe Guru Maa has always showered her graces to those in needs. Several activities have served through her act of kindness & continue to do. So, Shri Radhe Maa & her devoted team of Sevadars relentlessly work towards bettering the lives of needy people.

Jal Seva

In her recent social initiative, Mamtamai Shri Radhe Maa Charitable Trust provides water to Ganesh Ji’s Bhakts during the festive season. The Guru Maa says “Jal Seva Hi Sabse Badi Seva Hai.” However, it is our prime duty to help those who are in need and contribute in our way to make society a better place.

Spiritual Guru Mamtamai Shri Radhe Guru Maa believes in serving God through humanity. The religious leader has conducted several voluntary activities for the upliftment & improvement of society.

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