The key to getting your prayers answered is persistence

Persistence and prayer:

Persistence in prayer is appealing until you have the answer or request you are seeking from God. This demands patience, waiting. This is the ground of spiritual growth, spiritual vitality, and health! Because our natural inclination is to use God and not to love God, only frustrations in prayer can purge and purify our desires.

Radhe Maa says, “As you pray, make it your goal to find out the will of God and pray accordingly. Honestly, prayer is not getting your will in heaven. It is getting God’s will on earth.”

It is all about faith:

If we always got everything we wanted, the way we wanted it, and instantly, it wouldn’t take much belief to be a believer in God. It also would not test us or train us or develop our trust. When we have to wait for something, then we grow long-suffering, patience, persistence and perseverance.

Remember, persistence breaks resistance!

When we persistently pray and fast, it brings us to a place where God moves powerfully in our life. It discloses the forces of resistance that have been operating in our life. Persistent prayer is an enduring evidence of faith.


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