Sandeep Desai a former marine engineer and academician who begged on the local train

As a Kid, Sandeep Desai saw servants in his neighborhood working hard for a day’s meal, while their kids sat helplessly and never went to school. His mother and a teacher were supporting these kids with their studies. Her dedication made a powerful impact on little Sandeep. Decades later, he made this aim of his life of spreading education. The mission was running English medium schools in villages, which doesn’t charge any fees from its students.

Sandeep Desai, a former marine engineer, is a resident of Goregaon and the famous Mumbai man who begged on local trains. Focus on one aim to start rural English medium schools across villages in Maharashtra, Rajasthan and Bihar.

Professor said, “I want every Indian to be literate equally for our country’s progress and advancement” to his speech to motivate the commuters.

He recalls several situations where he had to face insults, verbal abuse and open hatred from passengers. There were times he cried tears of embarrassment, but got right back up and preceded his work. However, he also remembers some incidents where people would go out of their way to support him out, and some of them even got him gifts.

According to the professor, it significantly raised the amount of his donation. In 2011, he raised Rs. 21 lakhs.

Professor Sandeep’s selfless contribution earned his name as well as appreciated titles including IBN18 Real Heroes Award for 2011 in education and children section, by the Zee Marathi Ananya Gaurav recognition and the respect conferred by the Rotary International.

There are a lot of young children in India who are unable to receive an education. If these children are getting support and are being educated because we made a small donation, then we are very grateful.

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