Sandeep Desai, a story that must be brought into the limelight

“Good Afternoon to everybody, donating for education is the ultimate form of charity.” – The words of Sandeep Desai is heard saying every day on the trains.

The man who have succeeded tough odds, have innovated unique teaching method and have unfailingly amazed the nation with their selflessness. However, the road to raising funds was not easy. His inspirational story enlightens and motivates to us.

52-year-old Sandeep Desai is a well-known face on Mumbai’s local trains. He has been started begging on the crowded local trains for longer than four years to raise the donation to run four schools.

Sandeep Desai’s words, “Vidyaa Daanam – Shreshtha Daanam.”

“Gramin shetron mein hum angrezi maadhyam ki nishulk schoolein chalate hain. Agar aap kisi bhukein ko khaana khilaate hai, uska palan aap sirf ek samay ke liye karte hai. Agar aap usiko shiksha dete hai toh usko aap zindagi bhar apne pairon par khada kar dete hai.”

Sandeep Desai left his corporate job to teach at management schools. Desai has taught at many reputed B-schools like S P Jain Institute of Management is one of them. But now he gives his full time to Shloka Missionaries.

While his mother was alive, Shloka Missionaries Trust bought an entire floor of an SRA building under development to start an English medium school for children living in the slums. They used the donations they received under their own Shloka Missionaries trust, for this aspect. The school, called The Shloka Missionaries Public School, served from the same building until the end of the academic year 2013-14, where over 800 students studied in two shifts, up till 8th grade.

But now, they were looking at a model where people would contribute without expecting a service in return. This need to raise funds to let to Desai begging on local trains.

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