Anger has adverse effects on one’s health

Did you know, anger can have a harmful even deadly effect on your health? So, if neither lashing out nor bottling up anger is appropriate. How should you handle anger? After all, you will experience anger from time to time.

Shree Radhe Maa says, “Everyone gets angry. Anger can profoundly damage your health.”

How Anger Fires Up the Heart

Emotions such as anger and hostility ramp up your “fight or flight” response. When that happens, stress hormones, including adrenaline and cortisol, speed up your heart rate and breathing. You get a burst of energy. Your blood vessels tighten. Your blood pressure soars.

Adverse effects of anger on our health:

  1. Anger can make you sick

When your anger is deep and frequent, the physiological effects can be dangerous. Your health is at risk. And any or all of those harmful stress-related illnesses and disorders can become linked to excessive anger.

  1. Anger can harm your heart

Research indicates that your heart is particularly vulnerable to your anger and its harmful effects.

  1. Anger can break other people’s hearts

Our anger affects those around us those people who live with, work with and interact with us. Anger can hurt and damage your relationships with your partner, spouse, children, friends, and colleagues.

  1. Anger can shorten your life

Research shows that your anger can shorten your life.

With regular practice, you can teach yourself to relax on command by exercising various breathing techniques, tensing and relaxing targeted muscles, and by using imagery and suggestion.

When we have a sufficient sleep, a good and healthy diet, and exercise regularly, we will be less prone to the adverse effects that anger can have on our health. As a result, you not only feel better, but you safeguard your health from the deadly effects of anger.

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