Anger destroys relationships

Normally, we all feel angry at times; it’s a common response to threats and attacks, injustice and disappointment. Anger is a strong emotion and releasing the pressure that builds inside you can be essential to deal with problems and move on. But if anger isn’t dealt with healthy way, it can have a significant effect on your daily life, relationships, achievements and mental well-being.

How does anger work?

As we go about our days, we are uniformly balancing situations and deciding what we think about them: Good or bad, safe or unsafe etc. How we interpret a situation affects how we feel about it?

If we think we are in danger, then we feel afraid. If we feel we have been wronged, then we feel angry. These feelings define how we react to the situation. We translate meanings into reactions very fast. With anger, that speed sometimes means that we react in ways we later regret.

How do our bodies react to the anger?

Many of our emotions are connected to a particular physical response. Firstly, anger gets the mind and body ready for action. It stimulates our nervous system. Internal body changes happen like increasing the heart rate, blood flow to muscles, blood pressure, blood sugar level and sweating.

Effects on the relationship

At the very least, your anger can make people feel put off, upset, intimidated, afraid, or a handful of other unpleasant emotions. You’re also running the risk of pushing loved ones out of your life for good.

Control your anger

Most people get angry quite often, but their anger is at a specific time. Other people experience anger repeatedly and intensely enough for it to interfere with their everyday life. Both types of people can benefit from learning how to deal with their anger more effectively.

Consequently, anger can motivate you to action, or even violence, you will regret. Bottling up your anger for a long time isn’t a good thing either. It is important to deal with anger and move on, not let it stew inside you.

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