How to live a meaningful life?

In the rush and tumble that comes in our modern living, it becomes very necessary to find ways to live a meaningful life. Do you feel something is missing? Is most of the humanity busy living, enjoying, seeking happiness, or are they introspecting and trying to find out the meaning of life? What is the actual purpose of life?

As wee as, our life is even more beautiful when it is shared with those that we love more, and this practice of sharing and interacting with others is a beautiful one to its right. Life is wonderful. And we can make it more appealing if you are living a life filled with happiness, peace, and contribution.

According to the Shree Radhe Maa,

“God stays in every human being’s heart.” Whenever you started to think, this understanding generates love for other people. It produces productive power to serve others without finding any in return. When you focus your purpose on giving and not receiving, the Universe yields to help you achieve and develop your potential.

Shree Mamtamai Radhe Guru Maa is giving guidance to our devotees by giving some tips, through which we can make our life happier.
  1. Maintain self–discipline and commit to attaining the supreme goal of life. Always focus on yourself and don’t blame others.
  2. Keep the good company of people who have similar goals.
  3. Perform every action selflessly as service to God.
  4. Build an unconditional love of God and others without any expectations.
  5. Practice Meditation, Prayers, Pranayam and Asanas (physical postures).
  6. Surrendering to God.

By practising these things, you will come closer and closer to your purpose in life. Aspiring to that and taking concrete steps towards that goal will give you a sense of wellbeing. Follow these points to live a better, wiser and better-rounded life.

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