The power of silence

Silence has a specific power like no other energy source. It has the spirit to get people to think and to act. It can help you to slow down the mind. The resulting silence has delivered a productive and creative solution to a seemingly overwhelming problem.

What happens when silence is there?

Not everyone is capable of enjoying the peace, and if you do know how to enjoy it, you are pretty lucky. The silence can reduce all types of daily issues. We turn our thoughts and focus inwards and gain the power we need to refuel our minds. At that time, our ego is temporarily switched off, and we begin to see the real world as it should be. Sometimes, we don’t see the beauty of the world around us. When we feel the silence, there is time for soul-searching and to allow our true self to speak not the ego or the conscious mind, but the true self-connected to the flow of energy around us.

When to use silence?

Here we are going to discuss some specific moment whenever we need to use silence.

  1. During argument

One of the best times to use the power of silence during an argument is to stay silent. The Ego will try to force its way to out and finish the argument. But, you are the controller, not the ego. When someone is shouting at you, looking for an argument, then try to keep all your energy by simply look at them and say nothing. This is the extremely difficult to do but very powerful.

  1. Gossiping

When there is a crowd of people in the workplace, there are gossipers who speak about other people. The thing with gossiping is that it is contagious. When we don’t like someone, and someone else starts talking about them we naturally tend to voice our opinion; we’ve done it lots of times and needed to stop it.

Everything else is better than gossips. You can try to learn something new on a daily basis. Not just it will improve your knowledge, but it will make you smarter than the environment. We all need to work out on our self-improvement.

  1. When someone is talking

Silence is a great tool for counsellors if used in the right way. Just let people talk and listen to them and use your facial expressions and movements to acknowledge that you are listening. This can be a tough thing to do, but silence is extremely powerful for both you, as the listener and the talker.

Shree Radhe Guru Maa says, “Think before speak and listen more. The power of silence gives us the strength to maintain order in our lives, and we should use it.”

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