Everything happens for a reason

Is it true that everything occurs for a reason? Does everything happen for a reason? The short answer is “yes”; because God is supreme ruler, there are no random, out-of-control happenings. God’s intentions may be hidden from us, but we can be assured that every event has a reason behind it.

Learn from suffering

Usually, however, when we say, “Everything happens for a reason,” we’re not talking about cause and effect. Most often, we’re speaking in response to suffering. When something wrong has happened, and we’re trying to help someone through a difficult time, we say it, or something like it.  Similar statements include, “It must have been the will of God,” or, “It’s all part of the plan,” or at the death of an individual we might seek to console another by saying, “It must have been their time.” In fact, you will learn from suffering.  But that doesn’t mean God willed or wanted your suffering.

When we can learn to accept that everything happens for a reason, we will also come to realize that our negative experiences have a purpose. This realization is very liberating. It enables us to make a note of the silver lining or positive benefit birthed out of each negative situation.

Shree Radhe Guru Maa says that “We are children of God who live in a fallen world, awaiting His ultimate renewal of all things, and that should give us greater hope than anything.”

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