Experiencing God in Meditation

Spirituality is the search for the higher experiences for us. Experience is the source of which our real knowledge begins. Without experience, all knowledge stays abstract and hollow. Meditation is the best path to experiencing your inner self. Learning deep breath meditation takes time to perfect. You can improve your depth by approaching your meditation technique a little differently.

Improve your deep meditation experiences

During deep relaxation, you feel like there’s nowhere else you’d rather be apart from where you are. This feeling is a stark contrast to what we often feel at other times. That’s why it’s extremely notable thing. If you feel completely at peace with reality during your deep breathing meditation sessions, there are chances of feeling better.

Deep relaxation meditation exercises are normally aimed at dealing with unpleasant conditions like stress and anxiety. Meditation also helps us to embrace compassion and kindness, two incredible traits that improve our happiness.

Experiencing God through Meditation

The Indian scriptures define those attributes as peace, calmness, light, sound, power, love, joy, and wisdom. The more consciously we tune into those qualities, the sooner we will reach our goal of union with Him.


By regular meditation practice, our thoughts, your worries, and your burdens are being stilled and cleansed in that peace.

Visualize a lake with many ripples. As your thoughts become calm, see the ripples slowly subsiding. Then see the water becoming calmer and calmer until the lake becomes perfectly still. Remember that this peace you feel is God.


Although similar to peace, calmness is a much more powerful and expansive aspect of God. The following practice is very helpful in the expansion of awareness that brings deep calmness.


Many saints have experienced God as a great light. At the time, when we meditate and see the light at the point between the eyebrows, we are seeing Him as light. Visualizing God as light can draw that experience to you in meditation.


Another aspect of God is power or energy. Physical activity like meditation is a very direct way to feel God’s energy running through your body and mind.


Love is the one form of God that draws all of His attributes. Without devotion, we won’t draw God in any of His forms. Always begin your meditation with a devotional chant and pray deeply before practising any of the meditation techniques.

Shree Radhe Guru Maa says that “Meditation is the level of absorption when one has an experience of God.”

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