The solution lies in the problem

In this world, no one will disagree that life brings challenges, but step back for a moment and ask the deeper question, why is life so difficult? Is life simply a random series of events that keeps us off balance and barely able to cope? Spirituality begins with a definitive answer to that question. It says that life isn’t random. In fact, the solution to a problem lies in the problem itself. Like, as the answer to a question is in the question itself.

The problem itself has a solution

When our body is unable to digest a particular fruit, we need to remember that the solution lies in the fruit itself. Take one real-life example, after eating a piece of watermelon; we begin to feel uncomfortable or unwell, right then and there we can chew five or six watermelon seeds. And, our problem will disappear. This means the problem appeared from the watermelon, and so did the solution.

Initially, we may wonder how the solution can lie within the problem or how could the answer to a question be found within the question itself. But this is a fact. If seen in the right perspective, every incident proves instrumental in our progress. This means that every problem has a solution, but we need to work on the solution to the problem. The solution lies hidden in the problem itself. When you attach to your inner source within, life flows more easily, and you find satisfaction and happiness in your daily life. Believe in yourself and face life with a smile.

Shree Radhe Guru Maa says that “If you can analyze things and come to a unanimous decision, you will be able to know that the solution to the problem always lies in the problem.”

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