Is there the difference between religion and spirituality?

Many people are confused about religion and spirituality. While some consider one religion different from the other, And, others believe that they are just the same. Are religion and spirituality the same thing? If not, then what are the difference between religion and spirituality?

A spiritual teacher, Mamtamai Shree Radhe Guru Maa is teaching us best way to happiness which comes from the spirituality and religion. They are also giving the important difference between religion and spirituality.

What is Religion?

By definition, religion refers to the one’s belief in God or Gods. It involves that believing in a set of beliefs that enable an individual to develop a positive relationship with God.

What is Spirituality?

On the other hand, spirituality refers to the quality or act of being spiritual or having a spiritual character shown through one’s thoughts and life. Spirituality has helped to achieve mental peace with the immense strength to achieve real happiness in life.

Religion is authoritative while spirituality is liberating

Many of people grow up in authoritative cultures. They follow a single religion based on what they were born in, becomes part of their life until adulthood when perhaps some would question it and then turn to another religion.

Spirituality, however, liberates people from the authority they’ve been used to. It is said that spirituality frees the soul from the fear-based prison developed by the church and state.

Religion pampers while spirituality helps in growth

Religion supports contentment and pampering. When a person is committed to his religion, he or she normally feels peaceful and comfortable with his own life and the teachings of his chosen religion.

On the other hand, spirituality questions these outdated religious laws and does not promote fear in an individual. In short, a spiritual person has an open mind and can serve as the light during dark times.

Spirituality inspires while religion is prepared towards preaching. While these differences have been seen, both religion and spirituality can still be a path towards developing a relationship with God.

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