Best ways to connect with Nature

Do you love to spend time in nature? Do you love how you feel when you’re with trees, mountains, rivers, and animals, even if you don’t know why?

Communicating with nature is also an excellent way to unlock your creativity and generate new ideas. Natural surroundings serve to stifle the endless chatter that fills our minds so that our true brilliance can be liberated.

Observing the nature increases the deeper concentration. When we observe the complexity of the flowers, our heart fills with a feeling of joy. We must silently be thankful to God for showering the unforeseen blessings. When we take the shoes off and feel the grass under the feet, amazing feelings come.

Knowing God through his creation

Do you see God’s greatness through his creations? For many people, nature is the primary way they deeply connect with God. Interacting with and concentrating on God’s creations brings us delight and healing as we are transported to the throne of God.

Here are some points through which you can connect with the universe.

  1. Commit to connecting with Nature

Try to spend some time in Nature; your mind’s chatter can take over. If you don’t set a clear intention to connect, you give away your power to build the relationship.

  1. Relax and Observe

Take in your surroundings. Notice little details and the larger lay of the land. See, hear, smell, and feel, and allow yourself to enjoy it.

  1. Communicate

When we communicate individual elements in nature, such as a tree or a flower or a mountain, we can easily able to sense them.

These steps help us to connect with the universe and God who created all these things.

Shree Radhe Guru Maa says, “When I admire the wonder of a sunset or the grace of the moon, my soul get expands in the worship of the God.”

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