What is true devotion?

Most people do not understand as to what is true devotion; the devotion means leaving aside all doubts and superstitious and pleasing the true Master with faith and devotion.

For most people, devotion means worshipping gods, visiting temples, donating money there to get peace, health and wealth. But, it’s not a real devotion. As a spiritual way, true devotion means surrender, faithfulness, loyalty, and attachment.

Seek True Devotion in Recalling God

The faithful saints are those who have nothing to, except practising the divine name, the true saints are those who have nothing else to do, except practising the divine Name, the true saints are those who cannot live even for a moment without remembering God. Probably, the true saints always sing the praise of God, day and night; every second of his life (sitting, standing, eating, and drinking).

Also, devotion alone promises release from Samsara. One has to offer oneself to God and not desire anything else in this world except union with God.

Seek True Devotion to humanity

Consequently, true devotion is pure love; It is reflected in two ways. First, such is your love for the Supreme that you merge with the Divine and your creativity bursts forth; you sing, dance, write and spread peace, bliss and joy to all. Second, it takes another form, i.e., serving mankind, God’s creation selflessly. Offering others a smile, giving them love, teaching them something valuable so that they can start a better life is also a kind of pure Bhakti. Therefore, true love is called devotion. In conclusion, offering something and praying for so many things in return is in no way called Bhakti.

Shree Radhe Guru Maa says, “God is hungering only for love. He is not satisfied with mere spiritual forms and ritual worship. Pure love and devotion alone satisfy Him.”

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