A journey from darkness to light

The difference between the light and darkness is as vast as the void between the earth and the sky. However, light and darkness cannot co-exist.  Light symbolizes truth, peace, and happiness and the darkness depicts ignorance, gloom, and obscurity.

Of course, light not only reveals that which is hidden in darkness, but it also provides the energy needed for the giving and sustaining of life.

Here are some techniques to turn the darkness into light. This light not only provided physical energy for the development of all life, including human beings, but it also provided spiritual direction.

  1. Practice kindness

Go out of the way to help people. Smile often. Compliment others. And remember that we can’t genuinely be kind to others if we don’t know how to be kind to ourselves.

  1. Connect to God

Part of creating and maintaining a relationship with God believes that He loves you, that He believes in you. Faith is not just for supporting us through the hard times. It is the daily building of a belief system in which we can connect to God when we’re happy, when we’re sad and when we’re everything in between. Bring the light of that connection into every day.

  1. Look through a spiritual lens

Seeing life through a physical lens, we see heaviness, exhaustion and often chaos. But the spiritual world, which simultaneously encompasses us and pulses within us, is expansive and abundant.

It is a source of constant energy arising from the Source of all energy. Everything has a purpose; there is order within the chaos. There is the light that pierces the weight of doubt.

  1. Embrace change

When we stuck in habits and routines, life can seem dull and impossible to change. But change can happen at any time and create profound connections.

Mamtamai Shree Radhe Guru Maa, who have received this Divine Light from God and they are enjoying everlasting peace, bliss, and salvation. Their life has undergone a revolution from darkness to light.


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