Service and sacrifice

The mystery of true life is the love of God and selfless service. Basically, the definition of true life is selfless service and sacrifice. Life is meant for help, and not for self-seeking sacrifice. So, it’s important to do your duties well, sincerely. And, hold your life for the service of others.

Mamtamai Shree Radhe Guru Maa says, “The more the energy you spend on elevating and serving others, the more the divine energy which will flow to you.”

Selfless service purify your mind

What is the purpose of Seva or service? The spiritual answer is, doing service, you purify your heart. Egoism, hatred, jealousy, the idea of superiority vanishes. Selfless service alone can purify your mind and fill it with spiritual virtues. Only the pure in heart will have the vision of God.

The first steps in the spiritual path are selfless service of humanity. Selfless service of humanity prepares the aspirant for the attainment of cosmic consciousness or the life of oneness or unity with God. Aspirants should direct their whole attention at the beginning towards removal of selfishness.


The first prerequisite is the spirit of sacrifice. This can develop only through the real love. The person filled with love is ready to make any sacrifice. And, the person without love doesn’t¬†do any sacrifice. God does not dwell in any particular place. When you get rid of the body ¬≠consciousness, you will realize your Divinity.

Through sacrifice, life is returned to its divine source and regenerating the power or life of the source.

Finally, think for yourself and think about how best you can utilize your energy. As well as, your intellect, your education, your wealth, your strength, or anything you possess, for the betterment of others. Renunciation and service are the greatest sacrifices, the highest religion.

At last, showing unconditional kindness to all is the religion of love. Every selfless act is service to God.

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