Rejection is Life’s way of guiding

How do you handle rejection in your life? Have you ever had a situation where you were rejected from something only to be redirected from something even better?

Rejection can come at any moment of our lives. The question is that, are you prepared? Being turned down can destroy your self-esteem, lead to bitterness, suicidal thoughts, depression, suicide, hatred and many other issues.

Rejection is an act, not an emotion

You won’t able to control rejection, but you certainly can control the way you mentally and emotionally respond to rejection. Everyone experiences the sting of rejection, but mentally strong people use that pain to grow stronger and become better.

Stay Positive and Remember the Good

Remember that every rejection gets you one step closer to your goal. Keeping a positive mindset will support to eliminate the negativity from your failure, and this is a good thing.

When you realize this, you begin to welcome rejections because you know they are benefiting you in the long run.

Learn from Rejection

Mentally strong people ask themselves, “What did I gain from this?” so they can learn from rejection. Rather than simply tolerate the pain, they turn it into an opportunity for self-growth. With each rejection, they become stronger and better.

Whether you learn about areas in your life that need improvement, or you simply understand that being turned down isn’t awful as you imagined, rejection can be a good teacher. Accept rejection as an opportunity to move forward with more wisdom.

Shree Radhe Guru Maa says that “rejection is a form of guidance. When people reject you, they’re just pushing you toward the right path.”
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