Be Light for others

In life, sometimes we will be students, and we will sometimes be teachers. Since we cannot ever know everything about life, we will find that this role reversal happens over and over throughout our lives. The most amazing thing about all of this is that as soon as we think we are giving someone else advice and showing them the way, as most teachers know, we realize that we were also giving ourselves the same advice. It’s essential to live life in a style that would be impactful to others.

In this world, each person brought into your life is placed there for a reason, be a light in your friends’ eyes.

God stays in every human being

Whatever work you do, think it as the work of God. When you see someone in pain, show kindness towards him and try to wipe his tears. This is real compassion. This kindness is righteousness. It is love. When we extend our love, we can give pleasure to the whole world. Therefore, develop love. If you come beyond a poor man, a sick person or one who is in trouble, give them whatever support you can. When you extend help to such needy people, God will shower his love on you.

One small step of service can change someone’s day, and possibly their life. Everything good comes from God, and your service will allow God’s spirit to touch their heart.

Shree Radhe Guru Maa said, “In every human being, God is present in the form of love.”

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