How to achieve true independence?

How can we live complete and happy life? Do you know about true Independence? The word itself has its meaning independence in which anyone cannot restrict your actions performed by yourself using any law or conditions.

True Independence: Dependence on God

There’s independence, though, that we might not find if we’re too convinced of our self-sufficiency. It’s the unparalleled spiritual freedom of depending fully on God.

Man is a spiritual entity, perfect and lives under divine law. He has not a thought that does not express God as the one Mind and governing principle of all real being. This true concept of manhood can be brought to bear upon all phases of the bondage of mortal belief.

Experience true Independence

Most people think that we have a body and a mind. Few recognize that we have another part that is our true essence, our soul. The soul can travel into spiritual fields and merge back in its origin, the Oversoul, the Creator. They have all achieved this realization by converting their attention, whether it is called prayer, or meditation.

They tell us our actual independence comes when we sit in silence, close our eyes, direct our attention within, and experience the Divine.

Shree Radhe Guru Maa tells,
Through meditation, we can speed up the process of removing the layers covering the soul and experiencing pure independence. That means putting in time for yoga so that we can join our soul with God.

So, the true Independence is when you decide your inner emotions yourself, when you decide what do you want to feel like, when will you feel happy, when will you feel miserable is controlled by you only.

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