The path to Enlightenment

Enlightenment is to know our true nature, the true nature of the world, and the purpose and meaning of life. Achieving enlightenment is the greatest possible happiness for a human being.

Shree Radhe Maa says, “The way to true happiness is a way to enlightenment.”

When we attain enlightenment, we awaken to the truth of our being, to the ideal way to live and to know that we journey between this world and the other.

How to Experience true enlightenment?

Enlightenment starts with knowing God, knowing God’s power and the teachings that flow from God’s mind. Ultimately, when we attain enlightenment we come to know that the world God created is a multidimensional world.

The path that starts to enlightenment is the path that leads to religious awareness. To attain spiritual awareness, we need to understand something that is beyond this world.

Paths to Enlightenment

There are many paths which give you the experience of enlightenment. These are Gyana (Wisdom), Dhyana (Meditation), Karma (Action), Japa (Chanting), Bhakti (Devotion), etc.

The path of Devotion, teach us to surrender to the divine will of God. It is the path of submitting to consciousness, the source of everything. The effort in this path is effortless, as actions happen in joyful surrender to the self. Another, the path of wisdom is that of willpower, where the seeker of truth applies his intellect to understand the truth and internalize it.

Finally, the one who works for attaining wisdom surrenders, and the one who surrenders attains wisdom. Thus, both the paths merge at its culmination in Self-realization.

Prayer brings you nearer to God

The communication is the key to success in any relationship. When you communicate, you can know more about a person. Similarly, this also applies to your relationship with God.

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