Only God can change the Human heart

From time to time, we all see points in our lives that we fight with; areas that we wish could be different. It might be moral failures or habits that have us depressed. How does God want us to propose those areas? Is there a way to find independence and real change? Yes, God’s grace has made a powerful difference in our life. And, believe that it can make a powerful difference in yours.

What is grace?

When you hear the term grace, what comes to our mind? Grace nothing more nor less than the face does that love wear when it meets imperfection, weakness, failure, sin. It is God’s belief in us, even when we are not faithful. Actuality, it is what love must always be when it meets the unlovely, the weak, the inadequate. God is ready to respond to need without reference to credit. It is the unmerited favor.

God’s grace pours out love, kindness, favor to all who will trust Him. You don’t have to earn it. You just have to be in a relationship with Him to receive His grace.

God Changes Us by His Grace

How can we experience God’s grace? We come to the Lord in our hunger, in our weakness, in our sin, and in our failure. We want to believe His love and ability to change us, as we rest in His grace. The result is that we grow.

God’s grace gives us the autonomy to face God and face the truth about us in the light of God’s Word. Know that; we are fully loved and accepted by Him. God calls us to come to Him with everything so that He can help us experience freedom and a more abundant life

Shree Guru Maa’s teaching says, “When you surrender yourself to God’s Will, he will take care of you.”

God will always be with us and around us and will take care. Any mighty task can be accomplished through prayer. However, your prayers should be sincere. There should be unity of thinking, word, and deed.

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