Now, it’s time to free from Pain

Life is filled with emotional strains, pain. And, we have all experienced emotional pain that ‘cuts like a knife. But, the truth is that human pain is irrelevant. It is self-created as long as unobserved mind runs your mind.

Our human mind is consisting of an endless flow of negative thoughts. The pain you create is always a form of non-acceptance, some form of unconscious resistance. Our mind is so restless and powerful that it is difficult to control.

Freedom from pain

The mind, of course, is supreme, where thoughts flow like a river, one though being replaced by another. Thoughts can’t remain constant. Spirituality gives strength as well more purity to enjoy the world with a lot of patience and calm mind. But, when you realize that negative emotions can be controlled, you can free from pain.

It is the spirituality which learns the true form of love. Spiritual enlightenment is the only way to knowing and reaching our inner self which can be attained through meditation.

Radhe Maa Says, “When you reconnect with yourself, nature and your Higher Power, the ways to manage your stress naturally appear.”

Spiritual knowledge helps us to undertake the diagnosis of this problem of our life. We need to discover the cause of unhappiness and try to remove that cause permanently.

However, it is important that you stay focused and positive. Although, Meditation, Satsang, Yoga can help you to solve all difficulties in life.

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