Can you see Good in Others?

A spiritual teacher Shree Radhe Guru Maa says, “If you find that there are nine vices and only one virtue in your neighbour, forget the nine vices, and focus only on the one virtue.”  This is the secret of an understanding other’s heart. See only good things in others. When we focus on other’s faults, we only draw those negative thoughts unto ourselves.

Fault finding, constant criticism, and magnifying mistakes of others are poor, ineffective ways of changing the world. Understanding the good in other people is not just important for giving good compliments; it also substantially improves your happiness.

Don’t Judge Others

How much time do you spend judging others? Don’t judge anyone by your human limitations. Only God’s judgments are flawless. By judging others in an unbiblical and hypocritical way, we pay an enormous price.

When we impose our narrow and harsh judgments on others, we damn ourselves to a critical attitude and miss out on a lot of good comfort and joy that comes from being open-minded.

No-one is perfect

How many of us have assumed that if we were better looking, we would be happier? None of us is perfect. If we trusted that no one is perfect, including ourselves, criticism would be nothing more than pointing out the facts.

See the good in others

Approach people with love, understanding and you will find the same reflected in their approach to you. Focus on people’s merits and strengths; not on their weaknesses and defects. This is the secret of a harmonious and peaceful life. See the good in others.

If we too start to see the good in others, we will keep on becoming better and better. Our minds will always be at peace, and the world around us will smile.

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