The Real meaning of Living in balance

Balance is something that is often mentioned in personal development and well-being circles. It is said you should eat a balanced diet, live a balanced life and seek a good work/family balance. But what is balance? What does it mean to live a balanced life and why does balance seem like such an exclusive concept?

It is the taking of suitable action when circumstances dictate to maintain equilibrium. How did they achieve great balance?

“There is no secret to balance; you just have to feel the waves.” – Shree Radhe Guru Maa
How do you find balance?

The factors in life that require the most balancing can be divided into two categories: internal and external. Frequently, people center on one more than the other.

For example, you may find that you focus on external things, like work, relationships, and activities, and that’s why you pay very poor attention to what is going on inside your mind and heart.

On the other hand, you may notice that you give so much time being self-reflective that you sometimes miss out on the practice of living a balanced life.

Here are some basic steps which will help you to get your life aligned.

  1. Acknowledge.

Take some time to look at your life, your state of mind, and how you’re feeling. Be honest with yourself and notice the points of your life that you’re missing.

  1. Set Goals

Look at the boundary to help you decide which ways you want to balance your life. Make a list.

  1. Plan Tasks

Make a schedule of daily, weekly, and monthly tasks that you will need to do to achieve each of these goals.

  1. Prepare

What is your inner “stuff” that will try to keep you from sticking to your plan (fears, worries, doubts, negative self-talk)? Think to positively and prepare yourself.

  1. Connect with God

Prayer brings you nearer to God. The purpose of human life is to know God and love God in eternity by the praying.

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