The Creation Plan of God

Why are a man and the present world so mismatched? We can find our answer if we understand God’s Creation Plan.

The reality is that God – the Creator of man, has created a man according to His plan. The Creator of man has created him according to a special Plan. His intention being that man must spend a period of trial in this present, imperfect world and after this, according to his actions, he will earn the right to inhabit the perfect and eternal world, which is called as Paradise.

Shree Radhe Guru Maa says, “God also shows His love for humanity by sustaining our lives. And he is before all elements, and in him, all things hold together.”
God’s Creations Show His Love

Does God love you? You can see it, and you can experience it in the beautiful World He’s given you to live in.–Just To look around you at the beautiful Creation is to see the Love of God! Just look at the World, and you’ll understand that God loves you. His Love is clear from all that He’s made for you to enjoy.

Salvation is God’s gift

Consequently, God reveals His love through salvation. His salvation provides inexpressible joy. For with respect you have been delivered by faith. And this is not your own doing; it is the gift of God, not a fruit of works, so that no one may claim.” Salvation is God’s gift to those who will receive it, an expression of love that includes eternal life.

Successful is the one, who has realized the endless world in this temporary life; who has found in the failures of the present world, the mystery of eternal success in the next eternal world.

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