Divine Love and Wisdom

Most of us have been written and sung about love than any other subject. Why? And, how is it the most powerful and life-changing force? It seems that love feeds our spirits as food nourishes our bodies. Love wants to work, to flow, to create happiness. How does it do it? The answer is, through wisdom. The power of the divine love can be formed and ultimately by operating through divine wisdom.

God’s Divine Love

Simply, the love that lies in the centre of every human soul is from God, and this ‘Divine Love’ has three characteristic goals:

  • love others
  • have a freely returned relationship with others
  • take delight in another person’s happiness

The essence of God is pure love, and this ‘Divine Love’ is behind God’s act of creation.  This love is always true and constant for its purposes. So God is never angry with people, and never rejects or punishes them.

Wisdom of God

It was a universally admired quality. In ancient cultures, wisdom was often associated with not only spirituality but also old age because people only reach their potential by making a spiritual journey. They move from a self-centred love to God-centered and unselfish love. This takes a lifetime, so true wisdom became associated with age.

Mamtamai Shree Radhe Guru Maa says, “Being human then is not about having a body, head, arms and legs, brain, lungs, and blood. It is about putting love and wisdom into action as we express in real life compassion for others.”

Therefore, we can talk about the Humanity of God, because those qualities of love and wisdom which in us make us truly human first arise perfectly in God. God is truly human and we are only really human when we reflect God’s image and likeness into the world around us.

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