Meditation: the Bridge across

First of all, meditation is the only process of inner illumination. It is the one only bridge to move you from darkness to light. Meditation is the only process to transform your life from fantasy to reality. And by meditation, we simply determine awareness.

As you pass the bridge, the light grows bigger and brighter, till it surrounds you entirely and you become satisfied with light and warmth.

Learn to be more and more aware

Through meditation, you get aware of your body, aware of your mind, aware of your heart—aware of the action, thought and feeling. These are the three dimensions to which consciousness has to be brought. And, when you are aware of all the three, you will become aware of the fourth—that is awareness itself. The fourth is the transcendence. The fourth leads you to God.

Now, experience this light spreading inward, running through your bloodstream. Feel this light run through every part of your body, filtering every organ, every cell. Now, you step off the bridge and enter the garden.

Meditation: Experience God

And, the greatest experiences happen when you relax when you simply sit doing nothing when you disappear in your rest. Then bliss happens, truth happens, God happens. These things have become almost impossible.

As a result, you feel secure and protected as you are cradled by this Hand of Light, as you are lifted by the palms of the angles. Also, all your fears, your anxieties, your uncertainties, your pain vanish as you become filled with peace, joy, serenity.

Mamtamai Shree Radhe Guru Maa says, “Today, meditation is seen as an effective remedy to deal with the stresses of daily life. And by doing meditation, we can move towards a better world.”

Consequently, wisdom is a by-product of meditation. It does not come in any other way. And, it doesn’t come through accumulating information. So, it comes only through the transformation that meditation brings to you. In conclusion, meditation means a state of no-mind, a consciousness without content.

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