Meditation is a Fine Art

Everyone has ten fingers. It is just a thing of learning how to utilize these ten fingers to create something so melodious. Similarly, we all have a mind, we all think so we all can meditate. It is just a little skill to see how we can calm the mind and get in touch with the depth of inner power, getting in touch with the source of energy that we are. Today, meditation is observed as a useful remedy to deal with the tensions of daily life.

And by doing meditation, we can move towards a better world.

Meditative Art is a Religious practice; it is not Art Therapy

Meditation is, whether for religious or spiritual persistence or as a method of relaxation. It has required one to focus the mind for a period. Meditative Art has traditionally been a simple and fundamental part of spiritual paths; it is not a new modern age concept.

Often people say – it is so difficult to focus the mind, so difficult to free it from thoughts and so difficult to relax. We should just do it by the art of meditation. Meditation is a fine art, and we need to treat it that way. We need to treat it the same way we would treat learning any art form.

Connect to the source through Meditation

The Art of Meditation is a powerful yet effortless technique that allows the conscious mind to experience the silent depths of its nature. It is also known as Sahaj Samadhi. Sahaj, in Sanskrit, means effortless and Samadhi is the silent yet the lively state of awareness that lies at the source of thought.

Meditative Art brings one to the present moment, makes them aware and attentive, peaceful and quiet, connecting one to themselves, to their ‘higher self’ or a higher power.

Mamtamai Shree Radhe Guru Maa says, “Meditation gives me inner strength to handle me any situation.”


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