Humility: A Source of joy

Think and see how you behave with people around you. What answers did you get? Based on your answers and behaviour, you will know what you’re true beliefs, and these will have a big impact on your life, relationships, career, happiness and the way people around you treat you. Humility helps others and encourages others. Joy is not determined in being right and coming at the top.

Instead, joy is found in serving others improve and succeed. Humility recognizes that in those cases, both win.

“Humility is the basis of the entire spiritual life. Without this power, we will never advance in holiness.”
Humility is the real virtue

Humility means living with the understanding that we are all part of Creation. When we recognize that all are interconnected, we begin to act humbly towards others. We realize that we are just humble recipients at God’s entrance and even those gifts that differentiate us from one another.

Truly humble people can offer this kind of gift to us because they see and accept their strengths and limitations without defensiveness or judgment—a core dimension, according to researchers, of humility, and one that cultivates powerful compassion for humanity.

Cultivating Humility

By realizing God’s love, we develop humility. Then we see God’s hand in everything. We recognize that God is the moving force. When we develop humility of spirit, we no longer suffer from pride — of wealth, position, knowledge or power. One way to cultivate humility is through meditation. As we come in contact with the light and sound of God within, we radiate love, humility, and peace.

Shree Radhe Guru Maa says, “if you can learn to be humble, not only will it make you more successful in life, it will also help you achieve inner peace too.”


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