How to stay calm?

Have you ever observed that people often get stressed out over things that either don’t matter or they have no control over? Do you want to stay calm? All spiritual practices are typically done to help clean your mind. Only when you have a free mind can you experience the truth.

Here are some ways to include a spiritual stress management practice which help to stay calm your life:

  1. Mediate

Meditation relaxes your mind, calms your senses and opens your heart. Through the spiritual science of meditation, you can experience the harmony of direct personal connection with God. Consequently, it is the greatest form of concentration in which the mind is focused entirely on God.

The purpose of meditation is not to avoid the world, but to live in it more consciously and fully in ways that serve humanity.

  1. Practice the presence of God

Practising the presence means keeping your love for God in your thoughts as often as possible. God touched by your every expression of loving devotion.

What is devotion? It is the unceasing practice of acknowledging God’s presence, with the ultimate goal of living your life as one long prayer. The greater your peace, the easier it becomes to feel God’s presence.

  1. Practice Affirmation

Affirmation helps to replace negative thoughts patterns with positive ones. What is an affirmation? It is an actual statement that a specific aim is already true. Although, affirmations are an easy and powerful way to reshape the way you see in the world. Teach yourself to think more positive, loving thoughts, and you will live a more positive, loving life.

Shree Radhe Guru Maa says, “Always thank God for the things that make you well, that make the world a better place that makes your life better. Thank God for all of his blessings.”

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