Love Changes Everything

God loves you so much with a message of love. The spirituality doesn’t say God has love; it says God is love. Love is his nature. God’s love changes everything. But do we want to change? In every human’s life there comes the point in time that they want to change the circumstances of their life. It has been unpleasant to them to arrive at such circumstances. When we believe that spirituality, our experience says, Love changes everything.

God’s Love for you

Let’s imagine that, your heart is like a lock. Only one key fits it correctly. That key is God’s love for you. His divine love for you doesn’t fit anyone else and his love for them doesn’t fit you. Lord doesn’t have a master key of love that fits everyone. He has an individual, personal love for every single person.

When we need spiritual assistance, God accepts our prayer and then provides us correct direction and strength.

Feel God’s Love within us

When we experience God’s love, everything changes, and we start to think and act in ways that we would never have recognized before. We want to fill more time with the One (God) whose love has filled us. We stick to him in our hearts, even as we go about our everyday lives.

God desires to share His power with the weak and the humble. God displays His power to us out of His great love for us. The key to experiencing His power lies not in your strength and ability. You experience the excellent demonstration of His power in love. Yes, love is the correct key to experiencing the miracles of God.

Mamtamai Shree Radhe Guru Maa says,”Believing that God’s love for us is boundless, merciful and creative changes everything and brings us back to one of our favourite reflections.”

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