God Realization

Spirituality is a psychology of the soul and supreme soul. Without a divine guru, no one can achieve God or God-realization (Self-realization). Spiritual guru can be obtained only by the grace of God. Sometimes, for a very blessed soul, God himself becomes a guru and teaches the disciple as in the case of Mother Meera. Lord Krishna himself became the Guru for mother Meera and enlightened the mother, Meera.

Shree Radhe Guru Maa says, “One who has recognized himself has recognized God,’ is the theme of spirituality.”
God Realization is Self-realization

God Realization means self-realization or realization of self. Reaching the God and gaining enlightenment. In fact, all meant the same! As per sacred Bhagavad Gita of Hinduism, the journey of life always belonged to our Atman or soul, the spirit within. And, our soul is the perfect master and controller of the human body and not vice versa.

Remember that, God is in all, nothing is separate from Him.

Not even a single breath belongs to us, we are alive, and the whole universe is running due to His mercy. But sadly, most of us have forgotten Him because we are so busy with our little “I” i. e. ego. So, it’s important to realize him.

Self-Realization Methods

There are two methods to realize God or Self:

  1. True Devotion
  2. Meditation

Although, true devotion, love and faith in almighty God are essential components to achieve God-realization. Love, devotion, and faith of highest degree that force you to do self-surrender before God is the key to achieve God. Otherwise, there is no way to achieve God-realization. When one achieves self-realization instantly one achieves God-realization too.

Experiences of God-Realization

Self-realization could never be enumerated in words! Experiences of spiritual path are beyond the comprehension of most human beings. Path of spirituality is beyond the capture of science and senses. Unless one who built absolute control over our five senses and mind, the experiences of the spiritual path could never be realized by one.



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