Everyone Is Special: True or False?

We believe that every single person on this planet is unique. God doesn’t do copies, he creates originals, and everyone has something different about them. As we love our children who are different from one another, Similarly, God loves each one of His with the same unique attention.

We are always comparing; from our very childhood, we are taught comparison. Somebody else’s child is more cute, more impressive, more intelligent; whereas somebody else’s child is more attentive.

God Made You for a reason

God created everything in the world for a purpose, including you. You’re not here by accident. You didn’t evolve. You’re not merely the result of a biological process. You’re who you are because God made you, and God has a plan and purpose for your life.

God created you to know Him and to have an intimate relationship with Him.

Enjoy your Inner Beauty

Beauty lies in everyone, every single one of us. There is no single definition of beauty. It is something that wishes another or oneself, but positively. And each of one has at least one such quality in us, which makes us beautiful for that particular reason.

Shree Radhe guru Maa says, “talent is God-given to everyone. We need to utilize it correctly. Be humble. And, believe that everyone is special in his or her unique way.”

In conclusion, treasure your uniqueness. It is the gift only given to you. Enjoy it and share it.

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