Spiritual Reflection: Who are you?

In this world, everyone is ready to put all the blame on others. Hardly ever giving any thought to how we might be contributing to our own present difficulty. Instead, we become self-righteous. We double down. We assert our moral superiority. Are you happy in your blameless state? And, what does spiritual reflection tell you about your ministry?

So, consider this alternative: spiritual reflection. With the help of this, we can easily examine our character, motives, and actions in any situation. As per spirituality, self-reflection is the path to destroying the deadly affliction of self-righteousness.

As well as, live a faith-filled life in the world and make your life more challenging. In addition, Reflections and Prayers provide spiritual nourishment and encouragement.

Ways To Practice Spiritual-Reflection
  1. Don’t be blameless

Whenever you are experiencing conflict, always begin with the assumption that you had a part to play in the disagreement. If you truly accept that you are completely blameless. In such situations, you may understandably think that being blameless gives you the inner power.

  1. Become Mindful

Mindfulness is essentially the ability to see yourself and environment in the present moment. Hence, start to observe yourself as you are going through your day.

  1. Practice Empathy

And lastly, developing your ability to understand others feelings. It will support you to access your thoughts and feelings.

Life is a mirror; its reflection shines your image back to you.

Spiritual reflection is one of the best things. And with the help of that, you can do to build a positive mindset and discover an excellent connection to yourself. As a whole, spiritual reflection provides you with an opportunity to consciously and actively create your life on purpose.







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