Spiritual Refreshment

As we’re spiritual beings living in a physical body, sometimes the real person inside needs refreshing and renewing. Have you ever experience the spiritual refreshment? When it’s time to recharge our body, we can draw what we need from the Scriptures.

Even now as devotees we can experience a time of refreshing by quieting our hearts in a devotional time of prayer and scripture reading. When we spend time alone with the Lord, we can experience His peace and joy which renew us in spirit. Aren’t you thankful for this spiritual refreshment?

Ways to achieve Spiritual Refreshment
  1. Prayer and Pilgrimage

Prayer is much like physical meditation in that it assists you to achieve serenity and to experience a relationship between the soul of nature or in religious terminology, with God.

On the other hand, Pilgrimages are much like travelling experiences where you meet different people that build your viewpoint and help you relax, calm down and achieve peace of mind and soul.

  1. Meditation

One of the most ancient and widely used ways to achieve spiritual refreshment is meditation. The whole goal of meditation is to help you get rid of external noise so that you can concentrate on your real being. Though different types of meditation may or may not require physical strength, the goal of all of them is to help you achieve calmness.

  1. Embrace your Fears

Don’t allow your fears to grip you and hold you back from doing something that you always desired to do. One of the main distinctions between spiritually-enlightened people and ordinary people is that they never let their fears control their life. It’s not that they’re not afraid of things such as risks and failures that they develop the strength to embrace the dread.

“When we move near to God, our minds are refreshed and our strength is renewed.”

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