How To Spiritualize Your Relationship?

Have you ever spent some time with a friend, and after your experience together left feeling happier and lighter than before? These are the uplifting, positive types of spiritual relationship all people are seeking. Each person is looking for an experience of love and acceptance through their relationships in life.

Similarly, when we try to develop a connection with God that is personal and complete, beyond mere abstraction of God’s presence in our lives. We will more deeply experience how to spiritualize our relationships with others.

First, learn to love God

To understand how to spiritualize a relationship requires balance. For, in essence, one cannot develop a spiritual relationship without learning to love God first completely. So firstly, we need to learn to love God and then seek God in others.

Love God and then try to relate to others in a Godly way. This is the key to creating spiritual relationships.

Practical ways to Develop Spiritual Relationship

To spiritualize a relationship means to have a relationship that brings you closer to the divine, to God’s love. Here are some practical ways to develop spiritual relations with others.

  1. Give Energy-

If you want to spiritualize a relationship, remember that all spiritual consciousness is– is high energy– not low energy, being spiritual in your relations with people means to give them your energy, wholeheartedly.

  1. Respect Others-

One of the most valuable characteristics to have if you want to spiritualize relationships is respect. To respect their needs, and giving them the right to be themselves.

  1. Love others purely-

Loving with a pure mind means to love without any expectation. You must extend above the level of likes and dislikes, of opinions, or of needing others approval. Spiritual love doesn’t think regarding “I” and “mine.”

  1. Serve the God in them-

Your only interest in helping others should be for what you can give them. Do this out of love and try to seek God in them

Shree Radhe Guru Maa says, “With spiritual relationships, it is not about what you can get from others, but what you can share and give to them.”

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