How to Connect your Higher-self?

Today many people in the world are running blindly, unexpectedly seeking their higher-self. They feel so separated from life, people, and over without thought or without pondering possible repercussions. They are afraid and anxious about life without knowing why, and this disconnection is a cause of the present rampant pandemic of stress-related disorders.

We need those moments of spiritual journeys to give us the insights and space we need. However,  many people don’t realize that connecting to the higher self-does require a more precise pathway of expression through our mind and our body into this three-dimensional world where we live.

Have You Met Your Higher Self?

When you ask for help or direction from your higher self, you are truly taking a giant Self-Help level. It is your connection to your unconscious. The higher self is the section of you that have not been wounded by perceptions or prejudices.

It involves three things.

  1. Empowerment – Recognizing that you are a child of the Universe, with the power to create your world.

Living your Spirit means retaining that you are God energy or Source energy in a physical body and the Creator of your world. The energy inside you to create your world is the same power that creates worlds. You can utilize that power to create the world you want.

  1. Intuition– Talking to yourself

You don’t require to contact your Higher self as an entity outside of you – it is you! Listen to your desires and start meditating.

  1. Healing– Make sure you feel good

Use healing methods to clear anything that might be blocking your connection to your Higher Self. When joy and gratitude and creative energy fill your heart, that is, when you feel good, your alignment with Spirit is healthy and strong.

Shree Radhe Guru Maa says, “When you align with your Higher Self, you are in touch with your soul and can experience Divine love.”


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