Nature is our Great Teacher

Nowadays, in day-to-day living, human beings are separated from nature. We treated nature as God in many instances. The Sun, Moon, Trees, Rivers, etc. all were treated as Divine creatures. Nature is the best teacher because it teaches us the real lessons of selflessness, true renunciation and sacrifice etc.

We were close to nature and away from material things in childhood. The floating clouds, the flying birds, the flowing streams, the blooming flowers, the blowing wind, the twinkling stars, the rising sun, the shining full moon.

Nature manifests its edifying self to us at different points in our journey from childhood to adulthood. Nature, the greatest force in the universe.

Life lessons we can learn from Nature

We all can learn lots of things from nature. The best teachings come from nature is to be the giver rather just receiver. Nature gives us many resources which help to run our lives but never expect anything in return.

Just imagine to start helping others without expecting anything from them, it will be a life-changing practice which will fulfil our purpose to be on this planet.

Let’s also see what we could learn from them:
  1. Nature helps to have our eternal connectivity.
  2. It inspires our creativity.
  3. Nature teaches us to adopt the change.
  4. It teaches us to adapt detachment which can be liberating.
  5. Nature teaches us to be humble.
  6. It teaches us it’s all temporary, so no worries to lose anything.
  7. Nature is the best healer during our downtime.
Nature like a teacher inspires, motivates and enlightens us. “Observe the nature with its big and small creatures that teach us the great lessons of life.”


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