The Five Spiritual Powers

Spiritual Power is invisible energy, abundant in nature, and It’s allowing for the betterment of all. When you are connected with this endless loving energy, you feel positive and secured.

Spiritual Power describes a faith, knowledge, understanding or consciousness of God, the light or energy that exists in and around us. Firstly, these powers can give us peace, confidence and hope in our lives. When we get the attachment to this amazing power, we are going to feel the stability in our life. We are going to feel good, peaceful, relaxed.

The Five Priceless Jewels
  1. Faith

Faith is spiritual power that helps us get through difficulties. It gives us the courage to fight problems and issues we meet in our lives.

  1. Effort

The second Spiritual Power is Effort. So, it represents the channelling of the energy that around us. The effort supports us to put the energy around us in use. Spiritual practices and the pathway to spiritual awareness is not simple. As well as, we need a lot of effort to get to know our inner self and find the solutions to the biggest questions in our life.

  1. Concentration

The fourth Spiritual Power is Concentration. It represents one-pointed attention. Although, concentration helps us direct the energy of our mind. Concentration encourages our mind to calm down and become centred.

  1. Mindfulness

Mindfulness means to pay attention and be aware of everything happening within and around us. This Spiritual Power is like an empty mirror. You will see everything the way it is, without distortions.

  1. Wisdom

The last Spiritual Power is Wisdom. It is the outcome of the work of faith, effort, mindfulness and concentration. Wisdom can’t be learned. It will appear by itself. Those who achieved spiritual wisdom know that nothing in this material world will last.

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