The Strength You Need

Are you weak and Stressed? Do you need more strength to run this race of life that you’re in? The struggle you are in today is developing strength for you need tomorrow. Strength, power for living, needs to everyone in these challenging world. And God desires to give you His strength, in abundant supply.

God Gives Strength for each New day

God will not give you the power before you need it. When you face the task – and you cast yourself upon Him and trust in His strength and His resources, you will notice that God’s strength will be your portion.

So, don’t worry about strength for tomorrow. Trust God for strength for today. You only have to get through today! Tomorrow God will come again and refresh you and renew you with His strength.

How can we get more of the strengthening power of the Lord into our hearts and lives?

It is the Lord Himself who is your strength. Drawing near to Him ensures that His strength will stay in you because His presence will be near you and in you. Always try to “seek the Lord and His strength.”

The word of God strengthens your faith and builds you up. The Word of God can rely upon, with confidence

How to receive this energy and power?

Spend time with God strengthening yourself, being re-energized and then trusting him wholeheartedly, believing that he is in you by his Spirit and believing that you can do whatever you need to go through him.

Seek the Lord with all your heart, and He will strengthen you for the task ahead.

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