Power of Selflessness

In our society, many people tend to focus on themselves. But, the real transformation happens when we take that change and use it to strengthen others. If we keep our gifts only for our own profit, the world will be lacking.

On the other hand, being selfless means to put the requirements of others before your own – a form of self-sacrifice. Selflessness is one of the spiritual practice that helps us attach to our higher selves. Also, it is a beautiful way to offer your time and energy to serve something more significant than your small self.

The ego is selfish: It is opposite of spiritual awareness.

Human beings will become Universal. They will still have an ego, but it will be the Universal ego. All will be changed; human consciousness will be replaced. That will happen through the death of the ego.

According to many believers, selflessness is the way to greater spiritual awareness. Of course, we must understand that since we are human, we automatically have some form of selfish desire. But we must work at overcoming our selfishness. So that, we can attain peace in this life.

Helping Others Makes us Happy

It would make you a peaceful person, it would give your life more meaning, and it would improve your relations with the people closest to you, and you would become a more sensitive and a more giving person.

“The more selfless service you do, the more successful you will become.”
How to achieve Selfless Attitude?

You can do almost anything with a view of selflessness and change it into seva as long as your work is getting from the inner sense. It’s about bringing soulful attention to the particular responsibility at hand – whatever it is. You can start by saying a prayer or making an invocation before you start your seva practice. This is one way to convert any activity into one of selfless service.

“You should dedicate yourself and your life to selfless service”- Shree Radhe Guru Maa.



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