Small Things that can Make a Big Difference!

We’ve all heard it before – it’s the small things that count, and when we look back on our lives in years to come, it’s the small things that we’ll appreciate the most.

But what about today? As we zoom through our weekly routine, just how much of a difference do the little things make?

In today’s fast-paced world, most people want “instant” results. Many people think that any effort put into creating any change needs to show some speedy returns or they will lose interest and give up in the despair of “nothing’s happening, so why to bother?” This frequently results in lots of effort and power expended for little if any lasting result.

“The fact is, it’s the little things you do every day that will make a big difference.”

Each day brings small and subtle changes. No matter how ingrained are your habits, no matter how deeply defended you are in your habits, at the close of every day you will be a little bit different from who you were that morning.

“A journey of a thousand distances starts with a single step.”
Spirituality gives real meaning to our life

Some little things, which, in reality, become such big things, return perspective to our lives as we study to conquer them one by one in our effort to get more and more strength. And this we do in a spirit of humility and gratitude to our Holy Spirit.

Why small things important in life?

It depends on your choice to bring positive change in life. All you think can do is to change how you react to it but if you practice small things you will stop reacting and start responding to life.

Therefore, try to practice small things in life to express positivity about self, inner satisfaction, happiness and self-recognition.

  1. Ten minutes of meditation/yoga every day helps you to stay strong and improve your concentration.
  2. Five seconds smile every person you meet every day supports you to release your muscles accountable for stress in life.
  3. Five minutes review of your attitude and effort at the end of the day create self-awareness to control your emotions.
  4. Two minutes encouragement, appreciation or complements to the people at work, family or friends make a positive impact on the healthy relationship.
Accordingly Shree Radhe Guru Maa, life teaches us to make good use of time while time shows us the value of our life.

You may have a lot of small things to do depending on your circumstance and ability to attract positive things in life.

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