Connect with your true self and with God

Let’s accept that God has given all of us a significant role to play on Earth as human beings. It is not to our personal credit, but because of the God’s glory. Radhe Maa teaches us how to take help of God’s supreme power to live a happy life.

Each of us is brilliant because of his honour – Such truths free us from the ego and lies that we keep telling ourselves.

As you are young, you naturally connect with yourself. You express what you feel. But as you get older, you start restraining your true self, that may be because you are afraid of being judged for what you are!

You become afraid to be authentic, you start hiding yourself, your essential self.

You are not alone. Many people, in fact, most of us are going through the similar situation.

The truth is that you are and always be connected with your true self, you have just hidden it or stop expressing those parts of your personality.

There are three ways to reconnect with your true self.

  1. Meditate:

Spend daily time with yourself quietly. Let go of the other people’s perceptions about you.

  1. Write a journal:

Make a list of thing you love to do, and you enjoy. Write about the times when you felt happy, passionate, and purposeful.

  1. Step into yourself:

Take some little steps that allow you to be your true self fully and authentically.

See the god’s guiding hand in your life.

Have a heart to heart with God. Speak out your worries and confront your doings in front of him.

The world is the reflection of God’s infinite perfection. Find true beauty in God’s creations rather than your short-term possessions.

Appreciate for whatever you have received in your life.

God has the power to help. And he helps. He is aware of your difficulties. Feel that he has your back.

So stop all worries, God has not abandoned you. He is always here holding your hand.

Spiritual leader Radhe Maa says, “When we move near to God, our minds are refreshed and our strength is renewed.”

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