How to restore your lost hope

Hope! We lose it eventually, especially when things don’t go as we have planned. Many like you and me are struggling with a loss of hope. We might not even realise what is happening and what exactly we are experiencing, but life just feels like empty!

Why we lose hope?

We lose hope when we don’t see odds in our favour. We lost faith when we don’t see any possible solution that will work. When we are disappointed, we feel giving up on things and on people. We face a different situation in life that causes us to lose hope. These include severe health problems, work stress, job loss, marital problem, family problem and many more. These problems, many times, causes depression. Depression is the next stage of hope-loss.

How can hope be renewed?

Hope can be renewed through two mediums. Outside means an inner source. Outside sources include a change of situation, medical help, encouraging words from someone etc. The other source is inner mental, emotional and spiritual strength. This strength helps you better to renew lost hope. Spiritual mean turns you toward god as a source of help. It gives you comfort, guidance and strength.

Remember, when we fail, we need hope the most.

Recognise your small achievements. Find new hope, set new goals and achieve them.

Motivate yourself. Do not seek motivation from materialistic things. Let happiness and spiritual progress become your biggest motivation in life.

Keep doing good work. Set small and achievable goals. Keep moving towards them.

Define your wealth. Learn what is important to you.

Believe that God has the perfect plan for you. Leave things on him. He is always there holding your hand. Lift up your eye and seek his help. Have faith in prayer. Prayer and meditation help you to find who you are and what is the purpose of your life.

Don’t let small failure destroy your hope. Human life is meant for spiritual progress. Keep moving towards spirituality. Remember, forgiveness is the key to happiness.

Spiritual leader Shri Radhe Maa says, “constant remembrance of the almighty brings you everlasting happiness and peace.”

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