5 important things young people can learn from elderly

There are so many things which we can learn from the elderly because of their life experience and wisdom. The way they have managed their life journey and struggles can teach the young generation like us is perhaps invaluable.

Let’s understand one by one what are the five essential things which we can learn from the elderly.

  1. Never loose compassion

It’s always great to understand and sympathise the one who is suffering. Maybe our few kind words can contribute to their struggle and help them in any way. Be positive and treat others with kindness. Be kind with people no matter how nasty they are.


  1. Don’t take everything to heart

You need not take everything to your heart. Let things go. Especially evil thoughts and memories. Negative moments undoubtedly hurt our feelings, but they hurt more if we keep on recollecting them again and again. Let the bad memories go out of your heart. Forgive people who hurt you. Forgiveness will let you live in peace.


  1. Enjoy the world around you

Live in the moment. Be in the present and enjoy the world around you. The things you are running behind right now; maybe they will not even matter to you in the future. Stop worrying about the future and start enjoying your life before its too late.

Cherish and appreciate what you have. Travel often and find happiness in every little thing.


  1. Restoring relationships

Seniors encounter a lot of problems throughout their life. These experiences make it easy for them to deal with different situations. Older generations can help you to navigate the relations when there is a conflict between you and your other significant, coworker or a close friend.

People will eventually come in your life and go. Elderly people know this well when to forgive them and when to forget them.


  1. Avoiding regrets in life

People of all age worry about regrets in life. Whatever happens, happens for good. Learn a lesson from your mistake and forget them.


The older generation has an advantage in their experience of life. They have better knowledge of how to handle things and how life moves quickly. One of the fundamental teachings we should learn from elderly people is that patience is the key.

Shri Radhe Maa’s teachings say “Respect your elders, treat those who are younger/subordinate with love and compassion.”

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