The value of Silence

How do we find the silence in this world full of noise? We spend each day filling our brain with loads of information, news, entertainment, social media and what not!

If we do not balance these noises around us with the inner connection, we could never tap the wealth of silence and inner peace within.

The amount of word we have with the world is expanding exponentially. The amount of time we spend individually is lessening drastically. We have almost forgotten how silence looks like. How we can focus on one goal with the help of silence. Here, when I say silence, this means not even talking to yourself. Shut the inner word. Experience the complete oneness with yourself.

Silence forces us to listen to our inner word. Sometimes silence is what we need to solve our problems. Silence can be so powerful it slams our problems and noise around and let us focus what we actually seek.

Sometimes silence could speak louder than words. It can help us the best way to cut down anger and sadness.

To experience the universe within ourselves, we need silence. It gives us the strength to overcome fear which we usually avoid.

To develop the habit of persisting silence, we need to blend our energy with discipline and devotion. Being silent helps us to be in the present. Eventually, our mind stops worrying about things, we understand the value of silence and we experience the blissful moment.

There are five reasons help you to understand the value of silence.

  1. Silence helps you to connect with yourself
  2. Silence helps you to realise the truth
  3. Weapon against anger
  4. Silence along brings peace
  5. It helps you to be a part of the divine oneness


We recommend you to take a challenge to sit in silence at least for ten minutes a day. This will help you to become familiar with it and understand its importance in your life.

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