How to recover from heartbreak and feel whole again

Heartbreak doesn’t necessarily have to do with romantic heartbreak. We feel broken and heartache when our near and dear ones hurt us deeply. In this article, we are going to share a few tips on how to recover from heartbreak.

If you are struggling to overcome heartbreak, we hope some of our lessons may be helpful to you.

Allow yourself to experience these feelings

We go through the stages of anger, denial, sadness and depression. Many times it takes years to recover from such feelings. Remember, life is not always pleasant. It can be difficult sometimes. Allow yourself to experience whatever sense comes up to you. Restore your lost hope.

Whatever is happening to you, just let it come and go. If you want to recover from heartbreak, do not pretend if it doesn’t exist, stop trying to fight against it. You will eventually end up hurting yourself even more.

Have a good bunch of people to talk to

Admit that you are going through a hard time. Find friends and family who are willing to listen to your feelings and are supportive. Talk about your feelings to someone who doesn’t have a biased view and the one who would not judge your feelings.

Hare your experience with people who may have gone through a similar situation. Try learning from their experience on how they dealt with this kind of situation.

Hear your inner voice

Listen to your inner self. Connect with your true self and god. Have some breathing time. Learn what you actually want to do. Give yourself time to think about the future. However, do not start making big life plans as this may mislead from what you actually want to do. Start with making small plans.

Have a trip with your friends or family. Think about the bright future ahead. Understand this isn’t the end of the life.

Develop new skills

Engage yourself in outdoor activities. Practice yoga. Start meditating. Meditation helps your brain and body to relax. It eradicates the negative thoughts from your mind. Start exercising daily. Exercise keeps your mind fresh. Take good care of yourself. Appreciate the beauty surrounding to you.

Learn things you can do to improve your health and well-being. Develop new skills which help you to forget about the current situation and also helps you in the long run.

Cultivate forgiveness

Last but not least. Develop the quality of mercy. Forgiveness is the best medicine which can help you in the healing process. Do not keep grudges again people who hurt you. Forgiveness will give you peace of mind and a way to move forward.


Pick up broken pieces and re-built yourself. These tips might help you to heal from the sadness and refill yourself with love.

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